Investment Property DSCR Loans

Investors Top Choice. DSCR mortgage loan

  • Qualify with only Rental Income!
  • Super EASY to get approved
  • Get the best interest rate
  • Loans with zero points!
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DSCR Loan Requirements

Option #1
Rental income covers the mortgage

Option #2
Rent does not cover mortgage

Option #3
No Rental Income used


Who Is Eligible?

Acceptable Properties

Current Property Status


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Alternatives to DSCR loans

• Consider a Bank statement loan; no tax returns.

• Apply for a bridge loan if you have enough equity.

• Apply for a fixed rate second mortgage.

Common DSCR Questions

What is the minimum down payment under a DSCR loan to buy a rental property? + The minimum down payment is 15-20% if the borrower's credit score are 720 and above. There is not a 10% down payment DSCR loan but borrower's may use gift funds from a relative for all or part of the down payment.
Does the DSCR loan require a minimum credit score to buy or refinance an investment property? + The minimum credit score is 620 to purchase and 640 to refinance. For a cash-out refinance on an investment property most lenders require a 680 middle FICO score. For VA and FHA streamline refinances the minimum score will vary and may be as low as 580.
How is the market rent confirmed if the property is vacant? + The appraiser will perform a rent survey of nearby comparable properties and include fannie mae form 1007 or 1025 for two- to four-unit properties on small residential income apprasial reports.
Is my employment or self-employment verified to be approved? + No. Your loan application does not require your job or personal income be disclosed anywhere. Only your liquid assets are verified in order to close.
Can I get a DSCR loan on a Non-warrantable condo, condotel, or short term rental I own? + Yes. We have numerous wholesale lending partners who allow a DSCR mortgage on a condotel and short term rental properties above including owners of an AirBnb and VRBO rental. Traditional conventional lenders are not able to finance condotels under fannie mae or freddie mac guidelines.