Hard Money Loan

Hard Money Loans for Investors

Loans in 10 business days or less

  • Access funds quickly for your property
  • Very competitive interest rates
  • Decision and terms within 24-48 hours
5-10 days closing docs

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Example of a Hard Money Scenario

• Refinance a 3-unit property: $400,000
• Renovation costs: $75,000
• Current value: $675,000 (2 vacant units need repair)
• ARV (After Repair Value): $875,000

Step 1: Get Hard Money/Bridge Loan:
• $400,000 pays off 1st loan of $300K + repair funds
• $75,000 to renovate (100% of construction costs)
Total Loan Amount: $400,000

Step 2: DSCR 30 Year Fixed Loan:
• New Value (ARV): $875,000
• Cash out refinance (70% of value): $612,500

‐ You now have paid the hard money loan of your cash back and more
‐ You now have a property generating rent from all 3-units
‐ Your property value is projected to rise

triplex unit interior rehab

Alternatives to Hard Money Loans

• Apply for a refinance mortgage if you have enough equity in a different property.

• Apply for a bridge loan if you have sufficient equity in another property.

• Apply for a home equity loan or line of credit on a different property.

fix and flip

Hard Money Lending Questions

Is there a prepayment penalty? + Sometimes lenders want to insure they receive the interest rate they're charging, so they may insert a prepayment penalty for six months to a year.
How soon can I get the funds? + Hard money funds can be received by the investor in 3 to 7 days once documents are back from title.
Can I get a hard money loan on my primary home? + Because of various federal laws and legislation, hard money loans are not offered on a primary residence.
What type of fees and interest rates should I expect?+ Fees will typically include origination points, underwriting, processing, appraisal, and possibly an environmental report fee. Interest rates range from 7-15%.