Rental Property Loans

Importance of Investment Property Mortgages

Choosing the right loan product is important along with the time to close to meet any purchase contract obligations.

Review the features below for each loan type on your next rental property purchase or refinance.



Conventional DSCR / Asset-Based Bridge Loan
15 or 30 years 30 years 1 to 2 years
Main Features
Down Payment percentage 25% 15-25% Varies
No Tax Returns - No job, No personal income
Quick Closing - less than 15 days
Low Interest Rates
Low Fees
Rate & fee comparison example
Single family home. $400,000 loan. Borrower has 740 credit scores 7.50% (APR 7.701) / 1% points 8.00% (APR 8.21%)/ 1.25-1.5% pts 8.75% (APR 9.022%)/ 2% points
NOTE: Interest rates & fees are subject to change without notice due to market conditions or if the underwriter discovers informaiton that may impact the rate and/or fee. This is not a commitment to lener. Not all borrowers will be approved.